About Public Culture

The term public culture comprises all that takes place in public space and in public life: involving the ways in which lives are structured and enacted. It asserts a differentiation of that which is "public" and that which is "private", both in terms of economic structures and in terms of issues of access and privacy. In current society it specifically addresses issues around the privatization of public institutions and functions. For more on the terms "public" and "culture" see the entries in the Keywords for American Cultural Studies. The entry for public is by Bruce Robbins. The entry for culture is by George Yúdice.

Where is public?
What we do in public?
What is owned by the public?
How do we regard public?

Public Accountability
Public Access
Public Accountant
Public Address
Public Adulation
Public Affairs
Public Administration
Public Appeal
Public Art
Public Assembly
Public Auction
Public Auditorium
Public Awareness
Public Bathing
Public Beach
Public Body
Public Broadcasting
Public Capital
Public Census
Public Citizen
Public Choice
Public Company
Public Consultancy
Public Consumption
Public Corporation
Public Course
Public Debt
Public Defender
Public Development
Public Display
Public Diplomacy
Public Domain
Public Economics
Public Education
Public Employee
Public Enemy
Public Entity
Public Eye
Public Event
Public Facility
Public Finance
Public Figure
Public Float
Public Funding
Public Garden
Public Gathering
Public Good
Public Hanging
Public Health
Public Highway
Public History
Public Holiday
Public House
Public Housing
Public Humiliation
Public Image
Public Imaginary
Public Indecency
Public Indiscretion
Public Information
Public Inquiry
Public Integrity
Public Intoxication
Public Institution
Public Instrument
Public Intellectual
Public Interest
Public Land
Public Ledger
Public Leadership
Public Lecture
Public Liability
Public License
Public Library
Public Limited
Public Market
Public Management
Public Media
Public Meeting
Public Member
Public Menace
Public Museum
Public Notary
Public Nudity
Public Nuisance
Public Offering
Public Office
Public Official
Public Opinion
Public Order
Public Park
Public Performance
Public Phenomenon
Public Phone
Public Place
Public Policy
Public Pool
Public Practice
Public Pressure 
Public Proofs
Public Property
Public Pulse
Public Radio
Public Relations
Public Record
Public Restroom
Public Road
Public Safety
Public Scene
Public School
Public Sector
Public Security
Public Service
Public Servant
Public Space
Public Spectacle
Public Speaking
Public Sphere
Public Square
Public Street
Public Subsidiary
Public Television
Public Telephone
Public Theater
Public Thing
Public Toilet
Public Transportation
Public Trail
Public Trial
Public Trust
Public University
Public Welfare
Public Works
Res Publica

This entry was originally drafted by Paul Wittenbraker in 2012. Additional information and a comprehensive list of organizational influences and models can be found on an older wiki that is no longer updated, but still maintained for archival purposes.